Travel Thursday: Ireland's Leprechuan Hunt

In honor of St. Patrick's Day this Saturday, I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate this week's Travel Thursday to Ireland!  Particularly, the Carlingford's National Leprechaun Hunt.
Yes, you did just read that correctly.  Every year, the leprechaun hunt takes place at Ireland's last known leprechaun habitat: the Slieve Foy Mountain.  You can win cash prizes if you find special leprechauns that are hidden around the mountain.  It costs just 5 euros to get a prospecting license.  The best part?  All proceeds go to charity.

I have a particular fondness of leprechauns.  When I was in Dublin a few years ago, we traveled to the Irish countryside to visit Newgrange (which is an entire blog post of it's own).  While we were waiting to see the tomb, I went on my own leprechaun hunt.
I obviously wasn't aware that they can only be found at the Slieve Foy Mountain.  But if you happen to catch a leprechaun, you better let it go because they are actually protected under European law as of last year.  Again, you did just read that correctly.  Read the funny and interesting article here.
Stay tuned for another St. Patrick's Day inspired post tomorrow!

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