Hot Men

The title of this post makes me giggle.  Hopefully no one will be dissapointed since this post is not about attractive males. The other night I was freezing too death, cuddled under layers and layers of blankets.  Matt walks into the room and complains: "Why is it so freaking hot in here?"  I just stared at him.  So I did what probably any woman would do: I told him he was crazy and to deal with the heater being on full blast.  And then I googled why men are so much warmer than women.

Turns out, women conserve more heat around their core organs, causing less heat circulation to the rest of our body.  I guess having to wear socks to bed every single night is simply because my body is keeping my baby making machine nice and toasty. 
We can now blame biology for our need to snuggle.  Yessss.

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