Cupcake ATM

I didn't think Sprinkles Cupcakes could get any better...but it just did.

On March 6, the Sprinkles in Bevery Hills launched the first ever cupcake ATM.  Now you can get a Sprinkles cupcake whenever your heart desires one, 24/7. 

Photos taken from the Cupcake ATM's facebook page
See this amazing ATM in action in this video:

I seriously think this is the most genius idea ever.  What do you guys think?  Would you love to have a cupcake ATM located by you?


  1. OMG! My friend just sent me this video last week and I was so excited. I'm going to go grab one but the only thing is, they're more expensive. haha. It's still GENIUS.

    Minted Magazine

    1. I was actually wondering if they would cost more! They're already a bit pricey but I guess you pay for the experience as well right? They're also opening up a Sprinkles Ice Cream shop right next door!

  2. Love this!