Travel Thursday: Disneyland

As you all know I went to Disneyland last Friday with my fiancé to celebrate my new job!  I know Disneyland like the back of my hand.  Actually, I don't know the back of my hand all that therefore I know Disneyland better than I know the back of my hand.  Disneyland is all about making memories, so I figured I would write a post about my tips and tricks to conquering Disneyland so you can make it as memorable as possible!

Where to Eat: Eating lunch at the Blue Bayou (the restaurant inside of Pirates of the Caribbean) is a MUST!  And when you go, you have to have the Monte Cristo sandwich.  It is to die for.  It is also the cheapest thing on their lunch menu.  Of course, eating at the Blue Bayou is a little bit of a splurge, but you can split meals for no extra charge making it comparable to other eateries in the park.   Making reservations is absolute key to eating here.  I made mine a few days before we went.  If it's during summer, I would make reservations as soon as you know the day you will be at the park.  Also, if you make reservations right when the restaurant opens at 11:30am, you're pretty much guaranteed a spot right by the water!

When to Go: The absolute BEST times to go are in the middle of the week right after labor day weekend and in the middle of January.  The reason to go after Labor Day is because that's when kids start school and generally it's not good to miss your first week of school.  Kids are also back in school in the middle of January and people generally are low on money right after Christmas.  Speaking of Christmas, the holidays are an absolutely magical time to go...just prepare for crowds.  If you can't go during the ideal slow times, any time during the week and not during the summer should be okay.  Even on the friday we went, it was pretty busy but we didn't wait longer than 30 minutes for any ride.

Rides: You have to use Fast Passes, especially if you go when it is busy.  The first thing I always do when I get into the park is go straight to Space Mountain to grab a Fast Pass.  Disneyland is actually not that big and it's pretty easy to walk from one end to the other (not including Toon Town...that place is way far away!).  So don't be afraid to wander around and ride other rides while you wait for the time allotted on your Fast Pass.  Also, make sure to grab another Fast Pass as soon as you're able to!

Photos:  All of the Disneyland Cast Members that stand around in different areas with fancy cameras are totally willing to take pictures of you with your own camera.  Don't be afraid to ask!  They even took a photo of us with my iPhone!  It's nice to have them do it rather than asking a stranger because you're pretty much guaranteed a great picture.

Snacks & Dessert:  I think it's important to always indulge in one Disneyland sweet or snack when you visit!  It's hard, but try to limit yourself to only one thing to keep your energy up for the day.  I love the churros and the ice cream on Main Street.  My fiance enjoyes the Mickey Mouse-shaped pretzels.  On particular hot days, frozen lemonade really hits the spot.  And I'm not talking about the Minute Maid frozen lemonade found in a cardboard container.  I mean the frozen lemonade fresh out of the slurpee-like machine.  You can find it between Matterhorn/Fantasy Land and It's a Small World.  This recent trip I tried a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.  I literally died and went to heaven.  Highly recommend this treat as well!  Also, you can purchase margaritas in California Adventures!

These are just a few tips and tricks to get make your trip memorable.  I know I just scratched the surface of what Disneyland has to offer.  But these things are what I most love about Disneyland and what makes it most enjoyable for me.

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  1. I am so jealous of your Disney pics! I've been planning a Disney trip since last two years and hope to made it this year with my kiddos. Florida Theme Parks