DIY Large Framed Chalkboard

I finally have a wedding post for you!  And it's a DIY post as well.  Yes!

I wanted to display our table arrangements on a large chalkboard, like the example shown below. 
As you may or may not know, large chalkboards that are framed are quite expensive.  So I figured I would just make one myself.  We bought an ugly mirror, and turned it into a goregous chalkboard with a white frame!

1 large mirror- we got ours at Marshall's for $20.  You could just find a cheap frame as well on Craigslist.  But mirrors are often times easier to find, and you can just go to your local discount home goods store and buy a cheap one.
Chalkboard spray paint- Found at Jo-Ann's. Only $5 if you use a coupon.
White spray paint- We got a matte white spray paint at Lowe's for about $6
Masking Tape
Garbage bags

Total Project Cost= $31 (but we've been using the chalkboard spray paint for other projects as well...more bang for your buck!)

1. We decided to spay the chalkboard area first.  Tear garbage bags at the seams to make them easier to work with.  Tape the garbage bags onto the frame.  Make sure you tape it right at the edge so you don't cover any of the mirror, but also so you don't get any chalkboard paint onto the frame.

2. Spray 2 coats of the chalkboard spray paint onto the mirror.  Letting it dry between coats.

3. Following the directions on the can, take chalk and rub it on it's side all over the chalkboard and then wipe it with a cloth to give it that chalkboard look.

4. Tape garbage bags onto the chalkboard section now, making sure to go right up the edge so that no white paint will get onto the chalkboard.

5. Spray paint the frame.  Because our frame was a bronze color, we had to do 4 coats to get it completely white.

And voila!  You now have a beautiful large chalkboard with a crisp white frame ready for table placements!


  1. Is this chalkboard really heavy? I am wanting to make something similar to this, but I imagine using a mirror would be really heavy.

    1. Not terribly heavy. We just had it on the grass leaning against a pole at our wedding but it could have easily been on a table leaning against a wall or hung on a wall. I think the yet is just buying a cheap mirror! I hope this helps. I highly recommend this project!