It's Friday!  Yay!  I have some good news to share with everyone.  I finally got hired at a CPA firm!  I am so excited.  It's exactly what I've been looking for.  I start in 1 1/2 weeks.  To celebrate, my fiance and I are going to the happiest place on Earth today...Disneyland!!! 

Have you seen the retro Disneyland posters from the 1960's? I love the artwork!

Sources: Adventureland & Fantasyland
Sources: Tomorrowland & Peoplemover
I'm so excited to ride all the rides and eat a delicious Monte Cristo sandwich at the Blue Bayou (the restaurant that's inside of Pirates of Carribean...highly recommended!)  It will also be nice to just hang out with my fiance all day since we've both been so busy with work (or in my case, looking for work) and school.  

Does anyone else have exciting plans this weekend?  Besides Disneyland today, I'll probably just have a relaxing weekend and bake another batch of chocolate chip cookies!  Have fun everyone!

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