"The Shops" at Target Review

Okay, I'm just going to say it:  I was extremely disappointed in Target's "The Shops". 

I was so excited too.  As you all know, I adore Target.  I went to my local Target on Sunday to look over the new products.  I was expecting a cute, boutique-y display for each "shop".  Instead, the items were just displayed on end caps.  It sort of felt like a treasure hunt wandering around Target trying to find the different items, which isn't a good thing for when you want to see a new design line.  They definitely missed the mark on playing up that boutique vibe.

"The Webster"- Miami Clothing Boutique
I'm not that big into Miami clothing to begin with as I'm not really into beach style.  However I was still interested in seeing the clothes in person and if they could be incorporated into the wardrobe of the every day girl who shops at Target.  Alas, none of the items really spoke to me.  I did like this sweater though, but it fit a little funny.

The jewelry and accessories were very beachy as well and a little pricier than regular Target jewelry.  As my fiance said while looking at everything: "It seems like this is stuff J.Lo would wear."  Yup, pretty much.  So if that's your style, you'll love it!  But it is certainly not mine.  I was actually excited to see the shoes, but my Target didn't have any on display. 

The menswear was laughable.  Honestly, outside of Miami, what guy would wear palm tree shorts?    Or maybe it was just funny to me because I know that no guy who shops at my local Target would wear these shorts, or white pants, or a navy blue nautical style blazer. 

"Privet House"- Connecticut Home Boutique
The home items were cute.  I liked a few place mats and I liked the colors that were used.  But to be honest, it didn't really have that "wow" factor.  For example, the plastic outdoor tableware looked like something you would see at Target already. 

Also, these candles were extremely cheaply made.  It was just paper pasted around a candle!  I could do it myself for probably a dollar.  The quality of this entire line was sub par, and not worth the pricier Target "boutique" price tag.

Cos Bar- Aspen Beauty Boutique
Again, nothing to write home about.  I wasn't crazy about any of the items.  The nail polish colors reminded me of Halloween.  I understand these beauty items are supposed to be more "rock 'n' roll"...but the colors that were used are just seem so completely outdated compared to what's hot this season. 

Polka Dog Bakery- Boston Dog Boutique
I don't own a dog so I just sort of glanced at these items.  It seemed cute.  I actually didn't see any dog treats or food, but maybe that was just my Target?  It was a pretty small seletion, I even forgot to take a picture!

The Candy Store- San Francisco Candy Boutique
I was actually super excited to see creative candy in adorable packaging.  Instead I found cheap candy in plastic, underwhelming packaging.

The lollipops were really bright and colorful all displayed together, but I wouldn't buy one.

Maybe I should have been more prepared for "The Shops" by looking over the website more carefully.  But from the few minutes I did spend browsing the site, it made me really excited to go see it in person at Target.  It certainly was anticlimactic. 

Have you seen "The Shops" at Target yet?  I'm wondering if I'm not the only one who was dissapointed.  I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. I so agree. After all of the hooplah, I expected so much more