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So what have I been up to these last few weeks besides finishing up my Masters program and job hunting?  I figured I would update you all with Instagram photos from the last several weeks.

First of all, I had my hair and makeup trial!  It was quite exciting.  My Maid of Honor came with me.  It was weird to have someone fuss over you and do your hair and makeup.  I felt sort of like a celebrity.  I liked how it turned out for the most part, just a few tweaking here and there...but that's what a trial is for is it not? 

Secondly, my mom finally placed an order with Sprinkles for us to try their mini cupcakes!  At our wedding I'm having a mixture of regular and mini cupcakes.  I figured having the mini would be fun so people can taste test the different flavors I'm going to have.  However, we had to make sure the mini cupcakes were just as delicous as the regular sized one.  Wedding planning can be such hard work...

Thirdly, I spent a lot of time reading in bed and snuggling with this cute thing.  I realized I haven't introduced my cats on my blog yet.  Well blogosphere, I would like you to meet Sweet Pea, aka the fluffy love of my life.  We're pretty certain she's a Nebelung, which is a rare breed of cat.  I have another cat named Nyx who is a giant fat black cat.  She's also the devil in cat form. 

And lastly, I also spent a lot of time testing different chocolate chip cookie recipes for our wedding favors.  Again, wedding planning is SO HARD!  I'll post about this later as well, especially when we find the perfect recipe.  We're getting closer!

I do have some exciting posts planned the next few weeks.  I've gotten a lot of wedding things out of the way that I really want to blog about.  And of course I have a few recipes I want to share.  Just be a little patient while I jump back into my blogging routine!

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